The Wall – Richard Gamble

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Talk – Amy Wearing

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Whose day is it today? – Megan Campbell

This is a ‘guest blog’ written by a friend of my daughter Lizzie.  Megan Campbell is at Hillsong’s college in Sydney at the moment and writes of some of her experiences.

“Whose day is it today?”

a question that often frequents my lips as I walk into our kitchen and there’s dishes piling up and jobs to do.

“I can’t be bothered to help stack the chairs, it’s not my job”

a thought that pops into my mind as my class help tidy the room at the end of the day.

“They won’t notice if I’m on Instagram, I can pretend I’m taking notes”

an excuse I make when I can’t be bothered to listen and pay attention.

Sometimes in a big church like Hillsong, you can feel unnecessary, unseen, just another face in the crowd. Sometimes in this big world that we live in, you can feel unnecessary, unseen, just another face in the crowd.

But I’ve learnt recently

Talk – Joshua Abladey

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Hit it with a Hammer – Mark Summers

“Hit it with a hammer!” was not the advice I was expecting to hear. I know DIY. I built my own house. So when the balcony floor was leaking into our bedroom because mice found the bitumen coated subfloor to be appetizing, I knew what I had to do. When you have sunken screwheads that are seized due to long exposure to the elements, there can be only one option: Power tools! Big ones! Coupled with newly purchased HSS titanium drill bits (made in the USA no less!) Hoohaa! The screws didn’t stand a chance and the floorboards will be up in no time, I thought to myself. I smugly set to drilling out the 50 plus screws that secured the floorboards down. 3 screws later the first drill bit was blunt. The enormity of the task slowly began to dawn on me and my heart began to sink. I only had 2 drill bits left.