John 14 – Graham Coyle

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What goes up must come down – Graham Coyle

Recently the church celebrated the festivals of Ascension and Pentecost, or rather a large proportion of the global church did.  It’s not that we in CCW weren’t invited to join them but if these significant events passed by without you noticing them you are probably in the minority, globally speaking.

The reality of Jesus in worship – Graham Coyle

So, here’s a thought. In times of worship we are often encouraged to focus on the fact that Jesus is with us by His Spirit, yes? And this is an incredible truth because He truly is. But if He loves us so much, why doesn’t He just turn up? Surely that would be a whole lot easier for all of us? I’m not talking of a full blown, worldwide second coming, nothing quite as final as that, just a brief appearance at the occasional gathering on a Sunday. Or, for that matter, any other time.

Talk – Graham Coyle

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Romans 12 – Graham Coyle

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