Somehow it has happened again – Graham Coyle

Somehow it has happened again, it does so every four years.  Despite our best efforts we collectively as a nation raise our hopes to believe in the seemingly impossible, winning the World Cup.  Some of you reading this will already be groaning internally, possibly externally, complaining that you began reading this piece trying to escape World Cup fever but that just proves my point, doesn’t it?  You can’t escape hope, even if you try to.

Fed by God’s Word – Graham Coyle

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Restoring a City (Zechariah) – Graham Coyle

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Two bishops and an FA cup final – Graham Coyle

By anyone’s standards this weekend has been a bit special.  When there is a convergence of unusual or special events in our lives we should stop to ask the Lord what, if anything, He is saying to us.  Here is my perspective, I’m not claiming that it’s any more insightful that any other, simply that it is mine and I offer it for your own consideration.

It all started on Saturday morning with the build up to the royal wedding. 

Restoring a city (Ezra) – Graham Coyle

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