Church Partners Overseas (CPOs)
We are all called to be missionaries wherever we are.  However, some have heard the call of God to serve Him overseas.  Our CPOs include Jill Pogmore(Uganda), Mark & Alexa (Thailand), Nicky Brusby (France) and Marc & Helen (North Afirca).

We support our CPOs financially, with prayer and regularly send people on trips to visit them, to work on practical projects or to get involved in mission where they are.  We also have links with work in India, Ukraine and a number of other areas.

Missionary Support Group
We have a Missionary Support Group, which is the vital link between the church and its partners overseas.  They meet regularly to pray and are also in frequent communication with our CPOs, keeping the rest of the church in touch with their news.  The Missionary Support Group was initially set up to pray for those serving long term overseas, now it is more flexible.  It meets on the second Friday of each month to pray and also meets informally during the month. All are welcome to the prayer sessions.

Over the years we have seen many, many answers to our prayers.  Often we can be praying for a situation before the request comes to our attention.  Here is a quote from one missionary, “Just knowing that there is a dedicated group of friends praying for me is tremendous comfort and encouragement.  Whilst it is a privilege to serve God overseas I know that the work cannot go as well as it does without the prayers of the Missional Support Group.”

Salt and LightCity Church is part of the Salt & Light family of churches across the UK.  It’s a family of churches that grew around a the ministry of Barney Coombs, who was Baptist minister in Basingstoke, but now based in Vancouver.  We have benefited enormously from the wisdom and gifts of many in this family.


Transform 2015

As a church we strongly encourage all our partners to join with other Salt & Light churches at the Transform family camps, held in the summer.  These are always tremendously equipping and inspiring times.


Kings School of TheologyThe Kings School of Theology has grown from within the Salt & Light movement.  This Bible College offers short term and long term courses which members of City Church have benefited from, both now and in the past.


3DMWe have developed a good relationship with 3dm who are a training organisation working with local churches who are adopting a missional community model.



There are many other churches and organisations in Worcester working towards the same goals as we are.  Here is a link to a selection of them.











City Church Worcester and partners have connections with several National and International organisations.  Here is a link to the organisations own website for more information on a selection of them.