Churches are just communities of people who want to share their lives together and have their love for God as an absolute priority but how does that work practically?

Experience tells us that we form different types and qualities of relationships according to the size of the group that we are in.  A social scientist called Joseph Myers expressed this through what he called ‘The Four Space Theory’.  The pattern that he describes suggests that people look for an intimate space, a personal space, a social space and a public space.  We think that there is something important in this idea and so we have tried to develop groups of different sizes to meet the needs of people in modern life.

CaptureAll of our groups are aiming to operate in three dimensions, an upward one to express love for God, an inward one to express care for each other and to help us grow in our faith and an outward one to express God’s love for a world that does not know Him.  We sometimes abbreviate this language to presence, discipleship and mission or, even shorter, up, in and out.

For the website we have split City Church life into the following categories. Please click on the links below to find out more information.  We also run a Partnership Course for any one who wants to find out more.