Imagine that! – Graham Coyle

People sometimes make a comment such as ‘this is one of my favourite verses in the bible’ or ‘this is my favourite book of the bible’, I understand what they mean.  There are always going to be sections that we have found meaningful, where we sense the Lord has spoken to us in some way, perhaps in some particular situation, I have had that experience and even noted the date and occasion in the margin as a reminder.  These days though my favourite bit of the bible is almost always the bit that I’ve just read. 

Final Blog – Sue Gillgan

It’s amazing how a thing is more appealing when you can’t have it! Last week, as the 3rd week of my Daniel fast was coming to an end, I was longing to have a coffee or even lots of coffee! Now that I can drink as much coffee as I want, I’m really not interested. Just as happy to drink water!!

Well, now that my fast is completed I can look back over the 3 weeks and realize it’s not been such a big deal. It has helped me to focus and writing a blog has helped me be accountable, so thank you for reading and helping me.

The last week I have not always managed to spend as much time with God as I would have liked. But on the Wednesday I sat down and just wrote whatever He gave me.

Questions, not answers – Richard Procter

I don’t know about you, but when I listen to a talk, or sermon, I don’t really listen! Well, I do try, but then something that the speaker says intrigues, challenges or inspires me and I end up thinking about and exploring that before coming back in to the talk!

Well, that happened to me the other Sunday when Graham was speaking. I fact it happened 2 or 3 times around the same theme.

Graham talked about the first disciples joining Jesus and what inspired them. Or at least I think he did… because I was soon off into a thought: “What would Jesus’ disciples say if they come to our church, or churches…?”

Time to Rise Up – Sue Gillgan

So having completed week 2 of my 3-week Daniel fast, I am glad to say my stomach has been loads better and consequently, I slept better most nights. I managed to spend time each day praying and reading the word without falling asleep, well except just once!

It’s been an interesting week of learning lessons in a more practical way. Tuesday I was accused of being insensitive and something else. To be honest I can’t remember but I know it hurt at the time. I eventually took it to God and got my peace back, thanks Pam.

A good, good Father in tough, tough times – Ashley Vaughan

When I was given the news of my redundancy over a teleconference, on the 13th October 2015, as my colleagues and I huddled around a small boardroom table, my initial thought was, ‘Here we go again.’ I had lost my job twice before, including on the second occasion, in extremely acrimonious and spirit-crushing circumstances, which you can read about in more detail on my personal blog (, only a little over 12 months previously. However, this redundancy had a whole different feel to previous occasions, due in part to the nature of the termination.