The familiarity of Christmas? (part 2) – Graham Coyle

Just imagine if Mary had said ‘no!’  Where would that have taken us with nativity plays?  I have no idea.  Thankfully though, her humility was so pure that her level of trust allowed her to take on something that she must have had questions about.

We are all ‘pregnant’ with a dream from God.

Our Father has the same great desires for each of us. 

The familiarity of Christmas? – Graham Coyle

The familiarity of Christmas?

The familiarity of the events surrounding the birth of Jesus can lull us into a false sense of security.  It’s as if we say to ourselves, ‘yup, I know about Christmas and I’ve got that one sorted’.  Nothing could be further from the truth in my view.  If we truly grasped the enormity of what was going on we would understand why it was the only occasion in the bible when the angelic worship of Heaven broke into the Earthly realm in such a full-on and dramatic way.

Somehow it has happened again – Graham Coyle

Somehow it has happened again, it does so every four years.  Despite our best efforts we collectively as a nation raise our hopes to believe in the seemingly impossible, winning the World Cup.  Some of you reading this will already be groaning internally, possibly externally, complaining that you began reading this piece trying to escape World Cup fever but that just proves my point, doesn’t it?  You can’t escape hope, even if you try to.

Two bishops and an FA cup final – Graham Coyle

By anyone’s standards this weekend has been a bit special.  When there is a convergence of unusual or special events in our lives we should stop to ask the Lord what, if anything, He is saying to us.  Here is my perspective, I’m not claiming that it’s any more insightful that any other, simply that it is mine and I offer it for your own consideration.

It all started on Saturday morning with the build up to the royal wedding. 

Easter 2018 blog – Beckie Cox

“Why do you look for the living amongst the dead? He is not here, he has risen!” – Luke 24:6

Easter weekend is one of those strange moments in the year, it’s a time to remember, to feel pain and sadness and also to celebrate and enjoy new life.  As I’ve reflected on the gospel accounts of Jesus’ death and resurrection this week, I’ve been impacted again by the power and joy we can find in God in our everyday lives.