January the first is just another day – Graham Coyle

January the first is just another day, isn’t it?  Granted, it is the one day in the year when any thought of responsible, healthy eating is sacrificed on the altar of the annual Coyle family fry-up.  If it can be eaten fried it might well find itself included – except cheese of course.  Apart from that and the possible, though unlikely, ‘New Year’s Day Healthy Walk’ to salve our collective family conscience regarding the fry-up, there surely isn’t anything special about January 1st? (more…)

It’s Christmas – Graham Coyle

candle_light_evening_237086It’s finally here, Christmas that is.  It seemed to start its journey in mid-September and has wended its way via countless adverts, pre-Christmas sales, nativity plays and charitable ventures to this point.  Of course in Worcester, Christmas arrives properly with the Victorian Christmas Fair, or should that be Fayre?  This is its 23rd year and that is a lot of mulled wine and mince pies. (more…)

A new beginning – Graham Coyle

Well here we are then, a new City Church website.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was this website but both are worth exploring.  It seems that anyone who is anyone these days has to have a website.  The web is the ‘go to’ place for anything that we could possibly want to know, as well as plenty that we do not.

I grew up in a little old country pub which was famous for several things, its beer, its sandwiches, its Saturday night pianist and its landlord; my Dad.  (more…)