Time to Rise Up – Sue Gillgan

So having completed week 2 of my 3-week Daniel fast, I am glad to say my stomach has been loads better and consequently, I slept better most nights. I managed to spend time each day praying and reading the word without falling asleep, well except just once!

It’s been an interesting week of learning lessons in a more practical way. Tuesday I was accused of being insensitive and something else. To be honest I can’t remember but I know it hurt at the time. I eventually took it to God and got my peace back, thanks Pam. (more…)

A good, good Father in tough, tough times – Ashley Vaughan

When I was given the news of my redundancy over a teleconference, on the 13th October 2015, as my colleagues and I huddled around a small boardroom table, my initial thought was, ‘Here we go again.’ I had lost my job twice before, including on the second occasion, in extremely acrimonious and spirit-crushing circumstances, which you can read about in more detail on my personal blog (www.ashleyvaughan.blogspot.com), only a little over 12 months previously. However, this redundancy had a whole different feel to previous occasions, due in part to the nature of the termination. (more…)

My Blog, 11th January 2016 – Sue Gillgan

So I’m one week into my 21 day Daniel fast. Had various ups and downs along the way. I’m trying really hard not to make the focus of this about the food. I started the week feeling confident and hopeful, I have struggled with a lot of abdominal pain, which has made it hard to sleep. I have fallen asleep whilst praying and felt the frustration. But having said all that, God is speaking. (more…)

My Blog, 4th January 2016 – Sue Gillgan

On Sunday in church Graham spoke of Nathaniel and how he changed from being a sceptic to one who recognized the Lamb of God or Messiah. Nathaniel arose and followed Phillip to see the man Phillip was talking about. Graham spoke of disappointment, which Nathaniel probably had and that many of us may also have had to deal with. Jean also picked this theme up in her Facebook comment and encouraged us to listen to a beautiful song from Bethel Church with the words ‘dancing on our disappointments’. As I sat in church I felt that many people not only had disappointments but that some were so worn out they no longer wanted to get up! (more…)

January the first is just another day – Graham Coyle

January the first is just another day, isn’t it?  Granted, it is the one day in the year when any thought of responsible, healthy eating is sacrificed on the altar of the annual Coyle family fry-up.  If it can be eaten fried it might well find itself included – except cheese of course.  Apart from that and the possible, though unlikely, ‘New Year’s Day Healthy Walk’ to salve our collective family conscience regarding the fry-up, there surely isn’t anything special about January 1st? (more…)