Time for an upgrade – Paul McDonald

Just before Christmas I decided it was time to upgrade my phone after many years of use.  The problem with the old phone stemmed from the fact that I had to constantly delete files or apps because of the lack of space.  If important apps had to be upgraded I had to remove apps or files that I hadn’t used for some time.  I just didn’t have enough memory or capacity in the old phone.  It was time to upgrade to a new phone. (more…)

7 in ‘17 – Graham Coyle

This is the first blog of 2017, so Happy New Year.  I believe that there is a great sense of God’s promise for us to inherit in this year as we progress in His purposes for City Church.

If we look at the things already planned we can see that there are numerous opportunities for us to grow in grace, favour and faith together.  (more…)

Who do you think you are? – Graham Coyle

I watched an interesting programme the other day.  Well, to tell you the truth it was the other night, quite late and normally I’d have been long gone for some much needed beauty sleep.  However, I’d heard about this programme a couple of days earlier on the radio.  (TV programmes generally don’t transfer well to radio, so please be aware that it was only a discussion about the programme.)  What people were saying interested me so when I saw that it was on I decided to watch it.  Why didn’t I record it instead?  The problem I find is that I record things and then never get around to watching them.  It’s as though I use my recorder as a kind of proxy watcher.  I record the programmes so that I don’t have to watch them, as though that is somehow the next best thing.  That may seem ridiculous to you but there you are.  The net effect of all of this is that I decided there and then to watch the programme live, so I did. (more…)

Reflections from Redding 3 – Graham Coyle

(This follows on from the last blog.  If you have not read that it might be helpful to get the context.)

The last thing that I’ll mention about my time at Bethel is the place that the church gives in its culture to encouragement and in particular to encouraging each other, and the likes of me who are just passing through, to follow the prophetic direction and purpose of God in their lives.  It would take a whole book to unpack this and several are already available, written by Bethel authors, so if you want to know more, get one of those, but here is the basic outline.  (more…)

Reflections from Redding 2 – Graham Coyle

(This follows on from the last blog.  If you have not read that it might be helpful to get the context.)

A second thing that I noticed in my time at Bethel, Redding is that there is an incredible generosity about the whole place.  It starts with the leadership and flows on into every aspect of church life.  I could talk about principles now but I think that it is better just to give practical examples because without these principles are just so much theory. (more…)