DSC06797We have a vision to be a church which is filled with God’s life, is committed to our relationships with each other, is mobilising people through teamwork and is able to represent Jesus well in our world.  It is not a new and radical vision but we believe it describes the way that God has always intended things to be.

City Church is an all-age ‘family’ of about 150 folk.  We own a building in Barbourne called Lindisfarne House, just north of the city centre, which acts as a six-day-a-week centre, and houses many of our activities.  On Sundays we gather at 10.15am, at Christopher Whitehead Language College, Bromwich Road, Worcester WR2 4AF on the west side of the river.

Vision SqWhat kind of ‘family’ are we?

One that aims to enjoy the presence of God among us.
Our expectation is that the presence of God is not simply a metaphor but becomes a practical reality.  We desire above all else to be with Him and we believe that His desire is to be with His Church.

One that aims to make people a priority.
We aim for City Church to be a ‘safe place’, where people find value as sons and daughters of God and can live in the fullness of all that He intends for them and where they can be trained and equipped to serve and represent Him in the community.  Our focus is primarily on growing people rather than simply growing numbers.

One that aims to take growing as disciples of Jesus seriously.
We hope to live in a way that demonstrates God’s grace, forgiveness, generosity, freedom, healing and justice.  We are not perfect but we can all learn from the One who is.

One that aims to work in teams.
We have a team of leaders who are responsible for the health and wellbeing of City Church.  All ministries and activities are run by teams and although each team has leaders we see that everyone has a part to play in making the team successful.

One that aims to tell and demonstrate the good news of the Kingdom of God.
We have come into a relationship with God through believing in the work of Jesus and being reborn into a new life of forgiveness and freedom; this is the gospel.  We now live under God’s benevolent reign in His Kingdom.  Our privilege and responsibility is to make this good news known to all who wish to hear it.

Leadership Team – This is currently a team of seven who have the responsibility of overseeing the spiritual direction of the church, guarding its values and safeguarding peace across the church.

Simeon and Ruth Chapman
Simeon and Ruth - 100Simeon and Ruth have been part of the leadership of City Church for many years, and Simeon now leads the team.  He also finds time to work in the insurance industry.  He and Ruth love nothing better than to see new people coming to understand God’s love for them.  At the last count, they have four grown up children.

Graham Coyle
Graham Coyle has been on the leadership team at City Church and a teacher at The River School, an independent Christian school in Worcester for some years.  In addition he works with many other Christians concerned with education across the UK and Europe.  He has two daughters, Beckie, who teaches French and Spanish at The River School and is married to Tom and Lizzie, who works for The Faraday Institute in Cambridge.  Graham is a widower.

Chris and Patsy Jelfs
Chris and Patsy - 100Chris and Patsy live in a small village on the edge of Worcester and have been involved with City Church for many years.  Patsy is a Podiatrist working in private practice.  Chris trained as an engineer with the former Royal Signals and Radar and works as a Design Engineer for an automotive tooling company.  Their son Tom shares his father’s love of vintage cars and engineering conundrums!

Ashley and Sonya Vickers
Ashley and Sonya - 100Ashley is Sales Support Manager for a company in Malvern (to which he cycles every day!) and Sonya teaches English and Music at the River school.  They have been doing these jobs since returning from Spain, where they lived for a couple of years working with a small church there.  They have four children – Charis, Beth, Dan and Alex.

Church Staff – The church has six part-time paid members of staff.

Simeon and Ruth Chapman
Simeon and Ruth work a paid day a week in their Leadership capacity.

Richard Procter
Richard ProcterRichard is employed for 2 days a week, working with those in any leadership or ministry role to help them be effective.  In particular, his focus is on translating vision and what we sense God is saying to us into practical plans and activities that work and are in line with the church leadership’s overall vision for how we develop under the guidance of our heavenly Father.

Sheryl Chudley

sheryl-chudley-100Sheryl, our Pastoral Ministry Leader, is employed for 2 days a week.  Her role is to lead and co-ordinate the pastoral ministry, developing a culture of love, care, discipleship, hospitality and welcome in the church and with the last, least and lost.

Liz Wilson
Liz, our Finance and Administration Manager, is employed for 18 hours a week.  She manages the day to day finances of the church and covers a wide variety of other tasks including updating the church website, the running of Lindisfarne House and overseeing the office administration.


Alison Moore
Alison, our Administrator,  is employed for 13 hours a week.  She provides administrative support for many areas of church life and is the first point of contact in the office.



Volunteers – There are also many fantastic people who give their time to run and help with church activities, and also to gardening, cleaning and maintaining Lindisfarne House.

Lindisfarne House was bought by the church in 1994, and plays a big part in the life of the church.

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Although not large enough for us to meet here on a Sunday morning, Lindisfarne is home to the church offices, and many of the activities that go on are based here throughout the week.

Lunch at LindisfarneSome of us never wanted a building for the church!  We were fearful that acquiring a building would institutionalise us.  Some had previously belonged to churches where buildings seemed to be a constant drain on resources, and a distraction from the main task in hand.  We had started our journey together meeting in homes, with a vision to do church simply, so what would we want with a large building, even if we could afford it?!

But, in the end, it was vision which led to a change of heart.  God was speaking to us about connecting with the community, having a “home” to which we could invite people, and from which we could serve the community.  God was encouraging us to widen our horizons, to see ourselves as serving the whole city – hence the change of name to “City Church”.  Click on the link below to read more…..

lindisfarnehouse1910_thumbThe story of Lindisfarne House – our first (and so far) only home