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By anyone’s standards this weekend has been a bit special.  When there is a convergence of unusual or special events in our lives we should stop to ask the Lord what, if anything, He is saying to us.  Here is my perspective, I’m not claiming that it’s any more insightful that any other, simply that it is mine and I offer it for your own consideration.

It all started on Saturday morning with the build up to the royal wedding.  I watched it, not because I’m a complete sucker for such things but because I genuinely sensed that God wanted to communicate something to me.  There were many aspects which struck me but I’ll just tell you about two.  Firstly the entrance of the bride.  There had been much media speculation about what would happen but as I watched Meghan Markle enter on her own I was moved to tears.  It wasn’t just because of her personal situation, though that struck me as poignant, it was more because of the parallel with the wedding celebration that we, the Church, are called to.  It was the sadness of a bride not having a father with her on her most important day.  Then someone was there, someone who cared and was delighted to present her to His Son.  For me it was a powerful picture of the Father’s love for His Church and His sheer pleasure at leading us to His beloved Son.

The second thing that struck me was of course the sermon.  I’ve never met Michael Curry and possibly never will but I like him already.  I simply wish to point out that it was a glorious declaration of truth in a high profile manner across our nation.  It indicates to me that people were praying and that God was responding through an opportunity that for reasons of disinterest, we might have missed.  Whatever your response to this marriage between two people who love each other, don’t miss the activity of God.  Sometimes we throw the baby of revelation out with the bathwater of familiarity.  Let’s be careful to pay attention to what God may be saying.  He has a tendency to move in mysterious ways.

The weekend’s next ‘big’ event, the FA Cup Final, may also have been of little interest to you.  If you are not a fan of Manchester United, Chelsea or just football in general you will probably have avoided it.  The choice that I made was to watch it but frankly, if God was speaking to me through it, I missed it entirely.  Perhaps you can help me on this one.

However, on Sunday came another wedding, Nicola and John’s.  It was wonderful and glorious. The sun shone, the Lord was exalted in the whole occasion and it showed the very best of the CCW community.  I had the honour of driving Nicola and her dad to the ceremony and so was privy to their conversation as they approached this special moment.  You’ll realise that I’m not going to tell you anything about its content but as I listened I was reminded again of the way in which we, the Bride of Christ, are being taken by our Father into deeper and deeper relationship with Jesus.  Two weddings, two brides, two fathers, two bridegrooms, one eternal truth – I was reminded what a powerful picture it is and how we need to understand that the glory of the Church’s destiny should not be measured solely by our own experiences of marriages, good, bad or otherwise.

Finally came the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ event at the Cathedral.  I do not believe that Worcester has ever seen anything of this nature before but I believe it will again.  It was not revival or reformation but it was significant.  Over a thousand local Christians from more than thirty churches of all backgrounds worshipping and praying together has to be good news.  This movement will go further and we should do all that we can to encourage it, bless it and participate in it.  Thankfully, seeing Jesus at work in our city does not depend only on us, or any other church group.  It is an opportunity extended to all of us who own Jesus the Christ as Saviour and friend.  Two weddings gave us a glorious vision of the future and Pentecost Sunday evening at the Cathedral gave us a good indication of where we are on the journey towards it.

So I invite you to take a moment this week and ask the Spirit to help you to see and hear what he is saying.  Why not share your insights in some way?  We all benefit from hearing God’s voice.

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