My Struggle – Sue Gillgan

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How frail is my body, how fickle is my soul,

It longs for things so easily, that will not make it whole.

It focuses on temporal and gazes on the glitz,

Which doesn’t help my spirit but leaves it all in bits


I’m drawn to do the futile and seem to do the wrong,

When deep inside I’m searching, it’s for Jesus that I long.

There seems to be a battle, it’s the war that’s in my soul,

Demands upon my heart but what is my true goal?


I start upon a journey seeking Jesus is my aim,

Then I start to think of eating, my focus gone again.

I repent and say I’m sorry and press on just some more,

When friends and fun and TV come knocking at my door.


I’ll search for God tomorrow; I know he’ll still be there.

I can’t ignore my friends now, that wouldn’t be quite fair.

This struggle is quite tough Lord; I seem to always loose.

I have such good intentions but fail Lord as I choose.


And so I hate my struggle, I’m a failure I know that.

But God just came and spoke to me and turned my focus back…..


“Do not despise your struggle it’s part of what you need,

You have to learn to overcome if you are to succeed.

Just think of giving birth and how the pain is like no other,

But if you didn’t have it you would never be a mother!


So now press in and birth this thing to be more close to me.

It costs me lots, it will cost you too, it’s so you can be free.

My heart is for your freedom; my heart is for your love.

My longing is for earth to be just like we are above.


It doesn’t come so easily, there is a price to pay.

The price is putting me first each and every day.

Dying to the TV and what your friends may say,

Dying to the food you want and spending time to pray.


You won’t know what the future is until you have a go

So, press in and keep on struggling, then my child you’ll know!”

Author: Liz Wilson

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