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Just before Christmas I decided it was time to upgrade my phone after many years of use.  The problem with the old phone stemmed from the fact that I had to constantly delete files or apps because of the lack of space.  If important apps had to be upgraded I had to remove apps or files that I hadn’t used for some time.  I just didn’t have enough memory or capacity in the old phone.  It was time to upgrade to a new phone.

When 2016 came to an end I had time to think about my relationship with God.  I was able to spend time with Him and think back about those blessings and adventures with Him over the year.  Someone told me recently that it is important as the new year starts to think about how we can upgrade our relationship with God and with others.  This got me thinking more about where my relationship with God was and what areas I could upgrade in.  So, I went to God and asked him where things could be upgraded both in my relationship with him and with others.

God showed me that just like with the old phone, my capacity was hindered by some things in my life that I would have to remove or refocus on.  In order to move in greater depths of relationship with Him and into greater areas of the supernatural, I would have to remove these influences.  By removing these influences my capacity to understand what God He was doing in and through me would be increased.

I came to realise that there were areas of my life where my focus was not truly on the impossible that God could do through me but more on the limitations found in the world.  The important thing God revealed to me was that the very presence of God in me, the Holy Spirit, so desired to help me move forward into a greater understanding of who God is to me and what He wants to do in me and through me.  I did not have to strive on my own but partner with the Holy Spirit as I sought after a deeper relationship with God.

As the year has started the Lord has showed me areas and influences which I need to discard to make way for the new things.  He has shown me how I can upgrade my relationships with those around me and become more like Jesus in the way I relate to others.  The Holy Spirit is partnering with me in helping me to be a closer representation of the Father to those around me.

Here’s a challenge for you: spend some time with God and ask Him what areas or influences He wants you to jettison in order to upgrade your relationship with Him and with others.

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