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This is the first blog of 2017, so Happy New Year.  I believe that there is a great sense of God’s promise for us to inherit in this year as we progress in His purposes for City Church.

If we look at the things already planned we can see that there are numerous opportunities for us to grow in grace, favour and faith together.  The learning community begins soon where we shall be joined by Pershore, Ludlow and Evesham churches.  We have another visit from Paul Bennison in April with his remarkable healing and evangelistic ministry.  Our own church camp takes place in May following a particular period of emphasising the goodness of God through Lent.  Following the camp we are anticipating a visit from Steve and Wendy Backlund from Bethel Church.  June sees the possibility of a week of mission with The Turning from Reading and at the end of July we have the Salt and Light camp, Transform with Paul Manwaring, also from Bethel Church.

It looks like a busy year but it is all focused on the same goal, the glory and love of God expressed through us to the people of Worcester.  With this in mind I have some suggestions of things to help you in your spiritual growth this year.  As you read them you will see that they are not intended to be taken literally but they are intended to provoke some thought.

1)      Stop going to church – start to be the church, wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

2)      Stop believing that God has a plan for your life – start believing that He wants to partner with you in His wonderful and exciting purpose.

3)      Stop singing worship songs – start falling in love with Jesus.

4)      Stop reading the bible – start hearing the heartbeat of the Spirit.

5)      Stop praying – start dreaming with God.

6)      Stop evangelising – start demonstrating the Kingdom.

7)      Stop being successful – start taking the sort of risks in faith that mean things may not always work out as you expect.

If you manage to do all of those you I can promise you a year of great wonder and favour with your heavenly Father.

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