When we change everything do we stay the same? – Graham Coyle

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I’ve noticed something about change.  I suppose that I’ve noticed this because there has been more than the usual amount of it about recently.  Especially in political terms.

I suppose the thing that I’ve noticed is the way that people respond to it.  Now, I have no interest whatsoever in commenting on the reactions that I have observed, as I do not believe that there is any great purpose to be achieved in that.  So whatever your own reaction to recent and current events, God bless you.  One observation I have though is this.  A few weeks ago we were all very engaged in discussion regarding our place in the EU and a number of very prominent people were heavily involved in a very public way.  Having taken the highly significant decision that we did, it seems to me that those most in favour have become less prominent, almost abruptly so.  The recent changes to the leadership of both major parties seem to be an indication of this.  So what is going on, what has happened?

This leads me to the thing that I’ve noticed, or think I have and it’s this, the change that we most want is usually not the change that we most need.

Many of us want to see change, often in our circumstances, or in ourselves.  Indeed we are encouraged to believe that not only can this be a good thing but that God Himself will be our champion in bringing about some of these changes.  I believe this too.  If I am sick, I should pray and find healing.  If there is a need for forgiveness and reconciliation, then I should forgive, be reconciled and seek God’s best way forward.  I could go on and cite countless examples.  The problem is that often the change that I perceive needs to happen is evaluated by my own understanding.  So the very thing that tells me change is needed is the thing that needs to change.  Get it?

Let me give you an example.  I’ll take my own attitude to recent events.  Whatever my feelings about all that is happening and all that I think others need to do, the thing that God the Father most desires to see grow in me is my perception of my relationship with Him.  The more that I gain deeper insight into His love for me and the response that I can make to Him, the more that I become overwhelmed by, encased within and overflowing with that wonderful love.  The net effect of this will be a more heavenly perspective to bring to my interaction with the people and events around me.

I’m reading Song of Songs at the moment and really enjoying it afresh.  I am seeing more and more of the depth of love that the Lord has for His people, us, the Church.  It is changing me.  As I gaze into the depth of His thoughts towards me and towards all of us I am being changed.  It’s not change that I could have identified as a clear need but I can see that it is clearly needed.  It’s not the change that I thought I wanted but it is the change that I know I need.

Change happens all the time, around us, in us and even through us.  What makes the difference for us is that we can be intimately in touch with the One who inspires and initiates real and permanent change, eternal change.  Let’s be more intimate, let’s be more changed.

Author: Liz Wilson

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