Week 1 Uganda – Helen and Peter Farrington

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It was great to visit Jill at New Hope once again.  She is well and doing great work with the sponsorship and with the children of Worcester family.  We celebrated Resurrection Sunday at New Hope church!

Peter and Scott spent time extending the New Hope WiFi network and repairing some laptops.  Helen and Jackie spent time with the children of Worcester family doing lots of craftwork which they always enjoy.  The children were excited to hear from their sponsors.  Stu and Sarah and Hope family are also doing well and we had time with them and their latest addition to the family, Jessie who on arrival at New Hope was 3 years old and only 5 kg.  She is making great progress daily.

Team with JillWe were able to take Jill away for 3 days holiday to give her a break from the work at New Hope.  It was good to be able to talk, relax and pray with Jill.

Please continue to pray for Jill, Dan and Rose the family parents, and all the children as they grow up.

Author: Liz Wilson

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