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For the past year and a half now John and I have been missing from City Church for more weekends than usual.  This isn’t because we have been trying out other churches, or because we have bought a holiday cottage.  We haven’t even been off on our canal boat exploring the extremities of the English canal system, although that is something we would really like to do one day.

For the last 18 months we have spent 5 weekends a year studying theology.  Why? I hear you ask.  After all we have been Christians for 81 years between us, and members of City Church for over 34 years– surely we must have heard enough good sermons by now.

Well, yes and no.  We have heard a lot of excellent sermons, but we have also, over the years, heard and read all sorts of things about the bible and about God that we haven’t been 100% sure about.  Little alarm bells have rung but we haven’t known why.  Questions have been asked that we either didn’t have a good answer for, or for which were sure there was a better answer if only we knew it.  We retire next summer and we are exploring what God has planned for us next, and want to be equipped for whatever that might be.

So we go to Derby, Lichfield or Oxford and meet up with about 120 other people who want to be equipped to answer questions, serve their churches, and get to know God better.  Or in the words of the Kings School of Theology “Lead with more depth, think with more clarity, serve with greater purpose, and know more of God.”  We are exactly half way though the course now, and we can highly recommend it.  We now have much better skills to read the bible in a deeper way, so that we know how to go about finding answers to difficult questions, and can be confident to sift out some of the more dodgy ideas that get churned out by social media and folk theologians.  We have also found out that there is an enormous amount of hidden depth in the Scriptures that a surface reading in the 21st century can’t discover.

Free taster sessions are available at each weekend, and the next ones are in Oxford (6th-10th April) and Derby (17th-19th June).  There will also be a taster session at Transform – always very popular and a good no-obligation opportunity to ask questions and eat cake.

Go for it! More information on kingstheology.org

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