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It’s amazing how a thing is more appealing when you can’t have it! Last week, as the 3rd week of my Daniel fast was coming to an end, I was longing to have a coffee or even lots of coffee! Now that I can drink as much coffee as I want, I’m really not interested. Just as happy to drink water!!

Well, now that my fast is completed I can look back over the 3 weeks and realize it’s not been such a big deal. It has helped me to focus and writing a blog has helped me be accountable, so thank you for reading and helping me.

The last week I have not always managed to spend as much time with God as I would have liked. But on the Wednesday I sat down and just wrote whatever He gave me. It was during this time that God showed me I was spoiling my relationship with Him by constantly analysing everything. Years ago I went out with a guy, before I met Steve, who analysed our relationship all the time. What happened was I couldn’t just share things without my motives being questioned. The relationship was constantly being examined as to where it was at and where it was going. The pressure kills any spontaneous life. So when the Lord showed me I was doing the very thing I so disliked all those years ago, I realized that I was spoiling my relationship with the Lord, not being spontaneous and not relaxed so I could enjoy Him, which is the very thing He would like me to do. I know the reason I do this comes out of a desire to get it right but it means I don’t actually just relax and enjoy where I am at today.

He spoke this one word TRUST to me very clearly. As I think about that word I realized that it’s God who can sort me out, help me to learn what I need to know. If I truly trust Him and stop trying to work everything out for myself I will enjoy my life much more and I will probably hear Him easier as stress is the number one thing that hinders us from hearing God.

So I have taken from this time a need to relax in Jesus, talk to Him all through the day and trust Him to guide me.






Thanks for reading.


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