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So I’m one week into my 21 day Daniel fast. Had various ups and downs along the way. I’m trying really hard not to make the focus of this about the food. I started the week feeling confident and hopeful, I have struggled with a lot of abdominal pain, which has made it hard to sleep. I have fallen asleep whilst praying and felt the frustration. But having said all that, God is speaking.

I felt to read Revelation 3. I just read the first 3 verses and was impacted with the words “your works have fallen short” and “having an appearance of being alive but actually being dead” and being “watchful or waking up”.  So I spent some time with sharing this with 2 friends and we repented of our works being self-centered, of having an appearance of being alive when in truth the life of Jesus is not very obvious in us. We asked the Lord to forgive and guide us into His paths for our lives. He spoke to us of having white robes to wear. I wasn’t sure why we needed them but as we waited in His presence I realized the white robes are our identity and to cover us. They are very valuable, bought with the precious blood of Jesus. There was a truly sweet sense of the presence of the Lord.

In Verse 3 it talks of remembering how you have received and heard. This I have considered, how do I receive from the Lord, its often in prayer and in studying the word. These are the areas that I need to focus on, least they die too. So I felt like I was on track. I needed to pray more, read the word and spend time with Jesus. All I had to do now was put it into practice and not fall asleep while praying.

The scary part of this verse here is where it says that if we don’t wake up Jesus will come as a thief when we do not expect him. So I looked up the word “thief” and it can also mean false teacher. So basically if I don’t watch and strengthen myself I may end up deceived. Not a nice thought.

Spent some time soaking in the presence of the Lord with some friends and knowing His love, just letting him love on me. It kind of turns things back the right way up again. He is so faithful and so good. Thank you Lord.

I have been saying for a while “Its time to rise up”. Ken McGreevy bought that word to us as a church several years ago at camp. Isaiah 61.  My challenge now is to actually do it not just talk about it as a thing in the future. So I’m asking God to show me how and will take this into next week

“Behold I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears my voice I will come in and dine with them”.

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