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On Sunday in church Graham spoke of Nathaniel and how he changed from being a sceptic to one who recognized the Lamb of God or Messiah. Nathaniel arose and followed Phillip to see the man Phillip was talking about. Graham spoke of disappointment, which Nathaniel probably had and that many of us may also have had to deal with. Jean also picked this theme up in her Facebook comment and encouraged us to listen to a beautiful song from Bethel Church with the words ‘dancing on our disappointments’. As I sat in church I felt that many people not only had disappointments but that some were so worn out they no longer wanted to get up! If they were Nathaniel, they would have stayed under the tree. Saying something like, “I’ve gone so many times in hope, I just can’t go anymore.”

With this in mind and a strong prompt from the Lord to get writing, I thought I would write a diary as I do a Daniel fast for the next 21 days. The Daniel fast is not eating any fancy foods, much like Daniel did. So no meat, dairy, wine, sugar, cakes etc., I can eat fruit, veg and whole grain stuff, but drink only water.

I’m hoping to hear from God during this time, maybe get some answers or even breakthrough! But most of all I want to hear Him clearly. We have such need in our church and City. It would be great to see some of our sick folks healed, the mental health issues sorted and the power of God released amongst us in a more tangible way. So that we can move from just singing about his power and experience it. That is my desire as I’m sure it is many others.

I need to hear the Lord more clearly and know His plans for 2016. Hopefully I will be sharing what He says to me over the coming days. Thanks for reading, Sue.

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