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Well here we are then, a new City Church website.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was this website but both are worth exploring.  It seems that anyone who is anyone these days has to have a website.  The web is the ‘go to’ place for anything that we could possibly want to know, as well as plenty that we do not.

I grew up in a little old country pub which was famous for several things, its beer, its sandwiches, its Saturday night pianist and its landlord; my Dad.  He was a great host and he had one particularly useful attribute in a pre-internet age; he was never wrong!  At least that is what he told me and why shouldn’t I have believed him, he was my Dad after all.  He also tried to convince his customers of this startling truth but they were not as trusting as I was, so sometimes disputes had to be settled by an independent arbitrator.  Enter The Daily Express library, the ‘internet’ of its age.

Believe it or not, in days gone by, it was possible to ring their office at almost any hour and they would look up for you the information needed to settle the most obscure and irrelevant pub argument.  I tell you the truth.  Granted, it was not quite as handy as swiping your way through a google search on your smart phone but this was the 1960s after all.  So, whether you needed to settle a debate over the name of Napoleon’s favourite horse (Marengo), the distance that Ann Wilson jumped in the ’68 Mexico Olympics long jump final (6.3m) or how many spent Swan Vesta matches you would need to build a 1:2 working model of Tower Bridge (work that one out yourself) then the library of the Daily Express was the proverbial fount to run to.  These days it’s all a lot more straightforward but possibly not as much fun.  These days we have the web and that means that we can find out a great deal of stuff very easily.

So, back to the our new website.  It’s here to tell you and the rest of the world all about us and what God is doing among us.  It’s a story which is still in the telling, so it is by no means complete because it needs to be filled with news about how God is helping people every day; how He is helping you every day.

We really hope that it will be of benefit to you and we’d welcome (constructive) feedback.  Have a browse around and pop back from time to time to see what is happening.

Author: Graham Coyle

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